So what do I get for my money?

A behind the scenes look at the processes involved in fitting out your alcoves with a set of our stylish ‘floating alcove shelves’.

Batons are first fitted to the walls and then shelf templates are custom made to fit precisely into each shelf space. Then it’s back to the workshop where [in this case] Oak boards are jointed seamlessly together to achieve the correct width for the depth of the alcoves. Next, the templates are clamped on and the shelves trimmed to shape. Then its back to site where the last half millimetre is tickled off here and there until the shelves slip precisely into place. The outline of each baton is traced onto the undersides of the shelves, which are once more removed and using the traced outlines, material is removed to the depth of the batons with the router and final fitting is done with hand chisels. After finishing, the shelves are ready to be dropped onto the batons for the final time.