Period homes rarely match the square proportions/dimensions of mass-produced furniture. Bespoke, built-in furniture can be crafted to precisely fit the most awkward rooms, making the best use of available space. Your piece can be finished to suit the style of your home, with period detailing or a contemporary design. Please have a look through some of our work and contact us to discuss your ideas or ask for ideas or inspiration.



Nigel and Katie’s Oak alcove shelving

Alcoves are just crying out for shelving. Often overlooked, its the perfect place in the home to add storage space and minimise the risk of clutter!


For Nigel and Katie I installed several sets of these solid oak ‘floating’ alcove shelves in their stylishly appointed Georgian townhouse. The shelves are scribed to fit with the various bow’s and buckles that are present in most ‘older’ houses and ‘float’ on hidden brackets which adds to the simple and clean look of the design. A stylish solution and an efficient use of space.

Click here to see how these shelves could end up in your alcoves.



My Wife’s Bay window seat

What to do with that awkward bay window space? A chair just doesn’t sit quite right! Following Sally’s specifications I constructed this built-in unit which incorporates great extra storage for a large collection of DVD’s and CD’s, tucking away a huge amount of clutter which would otherwise take up a large portion of useful space.


A combination of drawers and cupboards are topped with a solid oak benchtop which also provides overflow spaces for guests or just a pleasent spot to sit and enjoy a good book!

Its always possible to customise the layout of the storage to suit your requirements. Where this unit has a fixed solid oak top, it would be equally possible to fit a hinged, flip up lid.


Kate and Stephen’s Den


Katie and Steve were looking to create a den area in their home for book storage, reading and snuggling up on the sofa for televisual entertainment.

To these ends I installed a set of ‘floating’ shelves at either end of the room. One set, above the sofa offers generous capacity for storing their considerable library. Whilst at the other end the shelves have been broken up with vertical dividers for a more organic feel and sliding doors have been added to hide unsightly fuseboards and electrics!



Bryn and Steve’s 2nd Bedroom


With a growing family and changing demands on the home, Bryn and Steve were looking to juggle things around a bit in order to meet their new requirements.

We soon ditched the ‘architects’ reccomendations and came up with a practical solution to their problems! This included Wardrobe’s, Bookshelves, a run of low cabinets with solid oak tops and a discreet home office built into an existing closet space.



Nic and Emma’s landing closet


In their top floor flat, Nic and Emma wanted to stop mess and clutter before it had a chance to invade their living space.

In order to do this we installed a generous closet space on the first landing leading into the flat. So now its shoes and jackets off as you come in the door and bags and umbrellas neatly tucked away.



Wilf and Christine’s Oak Floor


This beautfiul solid oak floor and complimentary skirting and architraves were installed in Wilf and Christine’s front room to provide a beautiful base upon which several future projects would eventually stand!