As well as domestic projects we have also undertaken a range of bespoke projects from commercial clients. To date these have included all kinds of items from ‘Cheese carts’ to ‘Hidden drinks cabinets’. All of these projects have neccessitated a certain level of prototype development, so please feel free to approach us with your wildest ideas!


Todd and Jess’s Cheese Cart

Todd and Jess run a stall in St Nicholas’ market in central Bristol from which they purvey some of the finest cheeses known to man. They even make a couple of their own. With demand increasing they wanted to be able to take their ware’s to events such as ‘food and Beer festivals’ and so was born the ‘Cheese Cart’.

But enough of my waffle, here’s what Jess and Todd had to say!

“The cheese cart that Steve built for us totally transformed our going to market experience. All our kit in one transportable counter made lugging boxes from a to b a thing of the past! Steve’s workmanship is second to none – it’s a really beautiful hand crafted functional object which performs it’s intended purpose perfectly. We worked with Steve in it’s development to ensure that it met our specific needs and requirements for a market and festival stall.”


Auri’s Hausbar Hidden Cabinet


In an exclusive Bristol Cocktail Bar, what could be more exclusive than your very own bottle of your favourite tipple. Stored in house and hidden from public view, your liquor rests in this hidden wall cabinet just waiting for your next visit.

And here’s what Auri has to say about Against The Grain

“It is a joy to work with Steve. He has the patience and the intelligence to listen, understand and develop his clients ideas and designs.
Every job has been finished to an exceptional standard and within the agreed time frame.”


Fine Cheese Display case for Todd and Jess


First there was the cart. Now Todd’s range of fine cheeses were mobile and able to reach a wider audience. Next, a bespoke display cabinet to properly showcase some of the finest cheeses available in Bristol today!