Heirloom boxes can be used as jewellery boxes, tea caddies, writing slopes or can simply be displayed as beautiful objects in their own right. Each box is individually crafted to emphasise the figure and quality of the particular piece of wood. Boxes can be designed with a variety of different hinge types, finishes and interior layout. Please have a browse through the following examples and contact us if you see something you like.


Elm Cube, Flip-lid mitre Box


Commissioned locally but destined for a life on the other side of the pond. This box was commissioned to mark the joining of Man and Wife and serve as an enduring momento.



Sycamore, Flip-lid Pencil Box


What is it about stationery? We all love it so why not give it the bespoke storage it deserves? This box is run through with some absolutely stunning ‘ripple’ figuring.



Sycamore Strap-hinged Box


This was actually one of my first attempts in the box range. Initially inspired by the exotic grain which can be seen most clearly on the face and top. Although this box is quite small, just 180x125x100mm, it incorporates some beautiful features. The ‘Half-blind’ dovetails, the sculpted lid with incrporated handle and of course those custom made wooden Strap-hinges. I’m afraid this one’s not for sale, but you could commission something similar, perhaps fitted out with a set of internal trays!



Elm Wedding Box


There’s a theme developing here!Another celebration of wedded bliss.



Tea Box


This box was commissioned to mark a One year Wedding anniversary. Every marriage needs a fine selection of soothing brews close at hand, so this box not only fulfills a practical purpose but also stands as an enduring token of Love! This box was actually the unfortunate victim of a house flood yet despite its soaking, the construction remained sound and a quick return trip to the workshop for re-finishing was all that was neccessary.



Yew Cube


This little box, 180mm cubed, travelled all the way to Cyprus to be presented as a gift to a Mother and a Father.



Hare Box


A bit of a Folly really! I couldn’t resist this piece of Yew When I saw the perfect image of a Hare springing at me from the back of a woodpile out at Interesting timbers!Eventually Three drawers will sit in the front of this promising treasure chest, but for now it is on hold just waiting for a commission to finish it. Could it be you?



Just like the boxes, our handmade wooden jewellery brings out the best in each type of wood and each resulting piece is entirely unique.

In order to satisfy individual tastes and requirements, boxes and jewellery can be made to commission.